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Cancer Support Foundation (CSF) Reg. No. INDR8773600NB was formed by we concerned citizen affected by cancer, registered with the National Bureau of Non-Governmental Organizations in Uganda to carry its activities in the area of cancer awareness, advocacy, support of people living with cancer and families affected in collaboration with government and other civil society organizations (CSOs).

There is low cancer awareness, exposure to infection, changes in life style, limited and centralized services, diagnostic issues, myths and misconception, stigma etc which requires increase public awareness on cancer and it’s prevention, to have a more informed and knowledgeable population on cancer.

The cost of medical treatment, transport, food can be overwhelming. The financial challenges put pressure on the entire family, and the strain can compound the physical and mental stress for the patient fighting cancer which requires financial support.

In addition to the fear and anxiety that accompanies a diagnosis, for many, the recurrence leads to worry and sleepless nights. There is a need for emotional psychosocial support throughout different phases of life with cancer, including life after cancer. The care givers often need support themselves.

Accommodation is the major barrier to treatment for the clinic is overwhelmed with cancer patients. Setting up a patient hostel-providing home away from home for patients receiving care and treatment will increase number of patients accessing cancer service.

Cancer has serious economic impact to patients with their families, the expenses met by patients with their families takes everything leaving the rest of the families without anything for studies. Sponsoring cancer Orphans in education would provide build their capacity to support themselves.


To reduce the cancer burden in Uganda.


To reduce cancer burden through supporting people living with cancer and their families, advocacy, cancer awareness and prevention interventions targeting the under-served populations in Uganda.


Contributing towards the reduction of cancer burden in Uganda.

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Luwum street, plot 8, Universal House Annex, Second floor Room 3.
P.O.Box 12529 Kampala, Uganda.

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Mon – Fri: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

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